Recorded by:
four dudes,
in three houses,
with two guitars,
one amp,
& zero monies

Birdgangs debut their EP, Maximum Suction, a raw, close-up glimpse of the frenetic energy that they bring to the stage. The four-piece Boston garageband draws on their personal experiences to explore miscommunication, mild embarrassment, and the fickle nature of youthful certainty.

Birdgangs bring a rare mix of passionate artistry, honest lyricism, and explosive stage presence to every show that raises audiences to their feet through pulse-pounding melodies, and fierce, unrelenting rhythms.

Stemming from garage rock influences such as Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Real Estate, they stir up head-bobbing bass lines reminiscent of early rock-and-roll, heightened by the soul-stirring twang only accessible five feet from stage.

PSA:  Show attendance scientifically proven to burn calories.